The top 5 best seller bakery products every baker should master

The top 5 best seller bakery products every baker should master. There’s a reason these products are so popular- they’re delicious! Bake them into your own creations, or design a menu around these classics to appeal to those looking for classic tastes with a twist. From croissants to fruit tarts, here’s what you need to know about the five bakery products everyone is buying!

Schiacciata: This is one of the most popular of all breads. It has a crisp crust and perfectly hollow inside, similar to focaccia. In southern Italy, it’s often made with a savory filling- but in northern Italy, you’ll typically find it served as an antipasto or dessert item drizzled with a sweetened syrup.

Kolache: The signature pastries from Czechoslovakia, kolaches come in many varieties and are also popular among Americans in a similar form. Classics include apricot and poppy seed (povidla), nutella and cherry, or plain cheese. They’re made by rolling the filling into a simple dough and then baking, similar to two-crusted pies.

Kourambiethes: These sponge cakes (koura means “sponge” in Greek) are usually eaten doused with a light syrup or topped with fruit preserves. They’re most popular on the islands of Crete and Naxos, where they’re sometimes made with almonds.

Crispy fresh croissants in a basket on a wooden table

Croissants: The most famous flaky pastry, croissants are a staple for breakfast around the world. In France, they’re eaten plain with jam or dipped into hot chocolate; in the Netherlands, you’ll find them served as a cheesecake base; and in America, we love to top them with pastries and cream!

Cannoli: The classic Italian dessert is a mix of fried pastry (usually tubes, but also shells), cheese or ricotta filling, and pistachios. It’s often served at weddings to symbolize the wish for a lot of children in the new marriage. In Sicily, cannoli are typically made with the local ricotta, or in Sardinia with sheep’s milk ricotta.

With a basic understanding of these classic items, you’ll be ready to assemble an array of mouthwatering creations!

Food safety is a key factor for bakers, especially when you are dealing with products containing cream, so it is important to have a system in place that will help you stay organized. One way to do this is by using a food safety app, so your staff can keep on top of things from the moment they arrive in the morning until they leave at night.